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Sharp Again

Paul Clark of Sharp Again – Mobile Sharpening Service is an expert in his field. Starting from just a hobby, volunteering to sharpen his friends and families knives, to now 25 years later his passion has become a reality. Paul now provides the best mobile knife sharpening service across the wider Auckland area. He can come to your home, workshop, business or building site to provide you with up to date, state of the art sharpening for most of the gear that people use in the day to day running of your home or business. Sharpen your knives, scissors and tools.

We know what it’s like to have blunt knives, it’s not much fun.
But you can’t trust your valued blades with any knife sharpening services either. Make sure you approach the real pros.

Sharp Again is highly experienced at sharpening blades for domestic use and for commercial and hospitality industries. We use advanced tools and skills that sharpen blades without overheating them and with very minimal metal reduction. Our methods ensure that knives do not lose their hardness and secure a longer service life.


Knowing how important knives are to your home or business, we offer a fully mobile service. You’ll never have to part with your blades for long to restore it to its factory finish.

Let Sharp Again take care of your knife sharpening requirements. Book us today.

My business is about your knives, household cutting tools, and your favorite heirloom old favorite’s been transformed with a passion to become functional again!

Paul Clark

Director of Sharp Again


Pride in Each Service
Who wants to walk through the mall with a bag of knives? or who actually remembers that they need sharpening?
I come to you. I have area days in wider Auckland from the west coast to the east coast where I can arrange a mobile onsite sharpening or alternatively I can pick up and return, whatever is convenient.

Its all about getting sharp again.

Chef & Kitchen Knife 20cm

From $9.50

Small Pairing

From $4.00

Pocket Knives

From $5.50

Fish Fillet Knives 20cm

From $8.50

Boning Knives

From $8.50

Butchers Knives 20cm

From $9.50

Hunting & Skinning

From $9.50

Hedge Clippers

From $10.50


From $15.00

Sickels & Slashers

From $8.50

Household Scissors 

From $5.50

Dress Makers

From $10.00


From $4.00