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Sharp Again is a mobile knife sharpening service dedicated to giving clients the utmost convenience and quality craftsmanship. We offer our knife sharpening solutions across the entire Auckland region. Whether you’re a chef, dressmaker, wood sculptor or a hobbyist, if you have blades that need sharpening, we can help.

We know what it’s like to have blunt knives, it’s not much fun.
But you can’t trust your valued blades with any knife sharpening services either. Make sure you approach the real pros.

Let Sharp Again take care of your knife sharpening requirements. Book us today.


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Sharp Again knows how important your knives are to you. That is why we asses your knife and use techniques specific to each knife and its condition. You can book online and we will come to you when it suits you, whether it be early in the morning, during the day or in the evening, we will pick up your knives, take them to our workshop and then drop them off wrapped safely and in pristine condition, hygienically clean within 24 hours.

Chef and Kitchen Knife 20cm

From $ 9.50

Small Pairing

From $ 4.00

Pocket Knives

From $ 5.50

Fish Fillet Knives 20cm

From $ 8.50